It is a world dominated by technology today and that’s absolutely fine, it saves a lot of time, connects you instantly with near and dear ones and makes communication smooth and hassle free to some extent.


So to communicate to my students and speak my thoughts, this idea of the Principal’s Blog took a firm seat in my mind.


The thought really excited me and fanned my imagination. I started thinking of the many inspiring quotes, many advices, many preachings I wanted to share with my school students, but on a second thought very consciously, I made up my mind, I am going to be less of a preacher, less of an advisor, less of a Principal and more of a friend, more of a mentor, more of a guide, and above all, more of myself – my true self.


So, what should I begin with, my friends? I think the 12th Annual Day Celebration on 21st of December is the day which will remain embedded in my mind for years together, though greater and more grand Annual Days will happen in the future. The whole atmosphere that we experienced in the month of November and December was so electrifying and vibrant. All of us at All Saints wanted to put in their best foot forward to make the event a grand success. That was when I realized the strength of a family which is bound together with a strong cord of love, respect and affection for each other. For many teachers and staff including me, it was celebrating a decade of togetherness, completion of 10 glorious years. That spark, that excitement, that feeling of fulfillment was seen clearly in our sprightly gait the earnestness in our eyes and the glow in our faces, inspite of a hectic schedule. But of everyone whom I watched and observed closely during this period, the students are the ones who moved me and touched me and taught me some valuable lessons.


It made me rethink on the general remark that teachers today give – “gone are the days when we had obedient respectful, students”. How wrong we were! The students were equally motivated and charged up. And they all had a strong determination to make their school’s Annual Day the best in the world. And so automatically came in their self discipline, their obedience to the teachers, their will to learn and listen to commands and abide by all the instructions. There was no compulsion, no force, no punishments required at all.


This strengthened my belief on the fact that making teaching interesting and joyful is what sometimes we fail to do and then we blame children for being indisciplined in class. I cannot forget to talk about my Student Council, who displayed all the qualities that they require to be proudly called as “the globally competent citizens.” Their dynamic approach, presence of mind, their smart look, their mature and sensible thinking, their speech made me beam with pride. The pride that they are all All Saintains – ready to take on the world, still reigns supreme in my mind. What else does a teacher need?  No doubt that is why even when there is someone ailing at  home, even when there is nobody to babysit their little one, even when they themselves are unwell, they come, they motivate, they teach, they inspire and raise the spirit of students. That’s what we are born for – How blessed it is isn’t it, to be in the company of chirpy, radiant children.


My dear teachers, now did you understand, where did you get your energy from? Yes you and I are indebted to these children who rub off their enthusiasm, energy and love for life on to us and there we are, moving on our toes, matching up to their energy levels and enjoying ourselves as their teachers. Truly God’s chosen one’s on earth – we teachers.


Events like the Annual day come and go it but it  makes the school foundation more stronger,  the teachers more committed, the students more learned, more  attached, the parents, more co-operative and supportive, the management more fulfilled and satisfied and the principal all the more confident that her school truly deserves much more. Hence the dreams begin once again with new aspirations and new mile stones earmarked for the New Year.


I wish the entire all saints family a very happening and successful 2015.