“A school is a beautiful garden, in which the blossoms depend on the
tender care, love and warmth that connects teachers, students and
the parent community to knowledge that exists in the world”
  Mrs. Seema V. Nair
Post graduate diploma in
Psychotherapy & Counselling
In the 21st century, Educational Institutions have a significant role to play. They have the great onus of preparing children for this new world, illuminating their minds and making them able, intelligent, competent and responsible citizens of the future.
At All Saints, therefore, we emphasize on a interdisciplinary, integrated and project-based education and creating a culture of inquiry rather than mere information delivery. We have taken conscious efforts to see that the interaction between the teachers and students are porous and transparent, thereby building a loving and student-friendly atmosphere in school. Students are encouraged to be curious, to ask questions, to practically use the knowledge that they get and above all, develop a specific awareness of the power that each of them possesses to determine their own destiny.
We understand seriously that it is not by chance that we have been entrusted with the divine responsibility of empowering the students. So, the entire All Saintian fraternity – teaching and non-teaching is pledged to this divine commitment.
And with this unflinching commitment and dedicated approach together with the support of the parents and well-wishers, we have been successful in seeking and reaching wider horizons for the betterment of our students.