Our Curriculum
The All Saints High School offers the CBSE curriculum. The curriculum is an amalgamation of the best of every Board to prepare students for the competitive world outside. It is taken care to see that the curriculum is in tandem with the latest progressive developments is in the field of education.
Teaching Objectives
Spark students curiosity and excitement about the world around them.
Help and motivate them to look beyond their textbooks.
Integrate topics relevant to society into the curriculum.
Promote scientific temperament.
Help students in becoming independent thinkers.
Fit the student’s characteristics and address the different needs of individual learners.
Reflect the dynamics of knowledge in today’s society and the social and cultural values that characterize an open and democratic society.
Ensure that knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, pattern of conduct and activity are cultivated in a balanced way Also, ensure that the learning process address the human personality as an integral part of its cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects.
Thus the teaching fraternity at All Saints address all the dimensions which are important in a humans eye – personal development, interpersonal relationships, public life, scientific knowledge and spirituality, artificial environment, technology, work, freedom leisure